Angry Birds: 50 True Stories  cover image (before)
  Angry Birds: 50 True Stories  cover image (after)
 original image for NG Kids  Double Take  department
 after ten items changed (Can you spot them?)
  Place of Remembrance  book cover image (before and after)
 original  Generals   pre-colorization black and whites
 before (comp provided) and after
  Glimpsing Heaven  Shutterstock file (before and after)
 For a  Teen World  magazine comp (best part was eating the cookies!)
 originally created for National Geographic 125 Years book cover
 colorizations for  Angry Birds Seasons  book
 composite for  Angry Birds Furious Forces
 I was looking for an NG flag with the current housemark typography. Turned out it didn't exist, so I made this one using Illustrator and Photoshop.
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